Dr. Karl Remeis-Sternwarte, Bamberg

40 cm Ritchie-Chrétien-Schmidt Telescope

Gewicht: 53 kg
Hauptspiegel: 40,6 cm = 16"
Sekundärspiegel: 12.7 cm
Brennweite Gesamtsystem: f = 4 m
Auflösung: 50 Bogensekunden/mm

Unlike described on the Wikipedia page, ours does have a Schmidt corrector plate. This means it is very hard to access the main mirror. The main mirror is protected against dust from above by the corrector plate. But still dust may intrude from below, i.e the okular-adapter. So please cover it with the white stopper. However, the Schmidt plate is vulnerable to dust.

Please cover the Schmmidt plate immediately after observing and before closing the dome slit.

Never try to remove any dust from the Schmidt plate. A dusty one is better than a scratched one.

16" f/10 Meade ACF Optik