Dr. Karl Remeis-Sternwarte, Bamberg: Personal

Dr. Thomas Dauser

PostDoc (Röntgenastronomie)

Zimmer: 2.105
Tel. +49-951-95222-33
Fax. +49-951-95222-22

The main focus of my research lies on analyzing reflection features (such as relativistic emission lines) from accreting systems. Understanding and measuring this features would provide us with important information of these systems, such as the spin of the black hole. Therefore I'm analyzing X-ray spectra from X-ray telescopes like XMM Newton, Chandra or RXTE and simulate the predicated shape of the reflection features depending in the parameters of the system. My contribution includes the model code RELLINE, which calculates relativistic emission lines arbitrary spin of the black hole (-0.998 < a < 0.998).